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Ebyte 433MHz 20dBm long range rf transceiver 2000m SPI SI4463 433mhz rf module







[Introduction]:E10-433MD-SMA is based on original imported RF SI4463 form Silicon Labs in USA. Module features stable performance, long transmitting distance and strong penetration and diffraction ability.

Pin No Pin item Pin direction Pin application
1 GND - Ground
2 SDN - The module working enable control the pin, its low level when working (See SI4463 manual for
more details)
3 GPIO3 Output Connect to the transmitter of the internal module RF switch ,also cannot be connected,intelligent
controlled by SI4463
4 GPIO2 Output Connect to the receiving of the internal module RF switch,also cannot be connected, intelligent
controlled by SI4463
5 nSEL Input SPI chip select
6 MOSI Input SPI master output slave input
7 MISO Output SPI master input slave output
8 SCK Input SPI chip select
9 IRQ Output Interrupt request
10 GPIO1 Output Output pin
11 GPIO0 Output Output pin
12 VCC - Power supply 1.8V ~ 3.6VDC