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E07-M1101D-TH Ebyte 10dBm 520 SPI 433mhz Tx/Rx Cc1101 Rf Module







[Introduction]:E07-M1101D-TH is a DIP wireless transceiver module, operates at 433MHz with small-size and 10mW transmitting power.

Pin No Pin item Pin direction Pin application
1 GND -    Ground, connecting to power ground reference
2 VCC -    Power supply 1.8 V-3.6V DC
3 GDO0 Output    Information output pin
4 CSN Input    Chip selection pin, for starting a SPI communication
5 SCK Input    SPI clock pin
6 MOSI Input    SPI data input pin
7 MISO/GDO1 Output    SPI data output pin
8 GDO2 Output    Information output pin