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Ebyte E07-900MM10S Wireless Transmitter Module 10dBm Cheap Rf Module CC1101 1.5km 855-925MHz rf module

[Chip solution]:CC1101

[Carrier frequency]:855~925MHz

[Transmission power]:10dBm

[Communication distance]:1.5km

[Product size]:10*10mm

[Product weight]:0.5g ±0.05g

[Introduction]:E07-900MM10S uses Texas Instruments (TI) CC1101 chip as the core self-developed SMD wireless module. The working frequency range is 855-925 MHz, and it uses an industrial-grade high-precision 26MHz crystal oscillator. This series of modules is mainly aimed at smart home, industry, scientific research and medical and short-distance wireless communication equipment. Extensive hardware support for packet processing, data buffering, burst transfers, received signal strength indication (RSSI), clear channel assessment (CCA), link quality indication, and wake-on-wireless (WOR) is available.

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