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E07-433M20S Ebyte Small Size Low Power CC1101 Module, SMD Long Range Wireless RF Transceiver Module







[Introduction]:E07 series wireless transceiver module based on CC110 with 10mW transmitting power as default features small size and various package; With built-in PA, the power is 100mW; With SPI interface, module can be transmitter and receiver working at main ISM band including 433MH,868 MHz,915 MHz.

Pin No.ItemDirectionDescription
2MOSIInputSPI data Input pin
3SCKInputSPI clock pin
4NnSO/GDOlOutputSPI data output pin
5GDO2OutputData output pin
6GDOOOutputData output pin
7CSNOutputModule chip selection pin for starting SPI communication
8TX_ENInputThe transmission control pin controls the RF switch and PA enable in the module, which is efiective at high level and must be efiective before data transmission.(And RX_EN cannot be valid at the same time)
9RX_ENInputThe receiving control pin controls the module to enter the receiving state: and the high level is valid. The module must be valid before receiving data.(And TX_EN cannot be valid at the same time)
10NC-Not connected
11VCC-Power supply, 2.1V - 3.6V