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nRF24LE1 chip
nRF24LE1 chip
RF chip nRF24LE1 20dBm power lead-free process built in 51 MCU






[Introduction]:E05-MLE132AP2 is based on original imported RF chip nRF24LE1 form Nordic in Norway,and equipped with 20dBm power amplifier chip imported from USA.QFN32,imported industrial components, lead-free process,built in 51 MCU.
Tips: This product has been removed from shelves, and mass production can be initiated.

  • Customer:

    E05-MLE132AP2 has a signal when the programmer is connected, but there is no signal if the programmer is not connected. What is the reason?


    The problem caused by the short circuit of P0.3 (TXD) and PROG pin; please contact the technical staff for detailed solutions.