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Ebyte smart farm low cost solution Si24R1 300m small size DIP 2.4g wireless rf module compatible nRF24L01+ module





[Size]:12.6 * 22.6mm


[Introduction]:E01C-ML01D is a small size DIP module based on Si24R1, operates at 2.4Ghz with PCB antenna, using industrial-grade high-precision 16MHz crystal oscillator. The RF performance of it and components selection during R&D are all in accordance with industrial grade standards.

Pin No. Pin item Pin direction Pin application
1 GND - Ground
2 VCC - Power supply must be 2.0 ~ 3.6V
3 CE Input Chip Enable
4 CSN Input   SPI Chip select
5 SCK Input SPI clock
6 MOSI Input SPI master output slave input
7 MISO Output SPI master input slave output
8 IRQ Output Interrupt request.