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Ebyte smart farm low cost solution Si24R1 300m small size DIP 2.4g wireless rf module compatible nRF24L01+ module





[Size]:12.6 * 22.6mm


[Introduction]:E01C-ML01D is a small size DIP module based on Si24R1, operates at 2.4Ghz with PCB antenna, using industrial-grade high-precision 16MHz crystal oscillator. The RF performance of it and components selection during R&D are all in accordance with industrial grade standards.

Main ParametersValueRemarks
Power supply(V)03.6Voltage over 3.6V will causepermanent damage to module
Blocking power(dBm)-10Chances of burn is slim when modulesare used in short distance
Operating temperature(℃)-40+85-

Main ParametersValueRemarks
Operating voltage(V)≥3.3V ensures output power
Communication level(V)-3.3-For 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
Operating temperature(℃)-40-85Industrial design
Operating frequency(MHz)2.4-2.525Support ISM band
TX Current(mA)-12-0dBm
RX current(mA)-15--
Sleep current(μA)-0.7-Software is shut down
Max Tx power(dBm)-7--
Receiving sensitivity(dBm)--83-Air data rate is 2Mbps
Air data rate(bps)250k-2MControlled via user’s programming

Main parameterDescriptionRemarks
Distance for reference300mTest condition:clear and open area, antenna gain: 5dBi,antennaheight: 2.5m,air data rate: 250kbps
FIFO32ByteMax length transmitted each time
Crystal frequency16MHz-
Connector2.54mm pin header-
Communication interfaceSPI0-10Mbps
Size12.6 * 22.6mm-
AntennaPCB antenna50ohm impedance