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E01-ML01SP4 NRF24l01P SPI Low Power 24G Wireless 100mw 24GHZ NRF24l01 RF Module








[Introduction]:E01-ML01SP4 is a small-size SMD wireless transceiver module, operates at 2.4 GHz. with high data rate (Max 2Mbps) and SPI interface. E01-ML01SP4 is based on original imported nRF24L01P form Nordic in Norway ,the anti-interference shielding cover.

Pin No. Pin Item Pin Direction Pin Application
1 VCC -    Power supply 2.0V ~ 3.6V DC
2 CE Input    Chip enable
3 CSN Input    SPI chip select
4 SCK Input    SPI clock
5 MOSI Input    SPI master output slave input
6 MISO Output    SPI master input slave output
7 IRQ Output    Interrupt request
8 GND -    Ground
9 GND -    Ground
10 GND -    Ground