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Ebyte high data rate rf module 2.4ghz nRF24L01P low cost rf transmitter receiver module wireless SMD transceiver module

[IC]: nRF24L01P

[Frequency]: 2.4~2.525GHz

[Power]: 13dBm




[Introduction]:E01-2G4M13S is a SMD wireless transceiver module, operates at 2.4GHz with small-size and high air data rate (2Mbps maximum). With embedded high-performance antenna, impedance matching precision and Batch production, the module is suitable for various applications.

Pin No. Pin Item Pin Direction Pin Application
1 VCC Power supply Power supply: 2.0 ~ 3.6V DC.
2 CE Input Chip enable.
3 CSN Input SPI chip select.
4 SCK Input SPI clock.
5 MOSI Input SPI master output slave input.
6 MISO Output SPI master input slave output.
7 IRQ Output Interruptrequest, valid in low communication level.
8 GND - Ground.
9 GND - Ground.
10 GND - Ground.