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E01-2G4M01S1B Ebyte FCC CE RoHS Certification Cheap 2.4GHz Wireless RF Module Iot Spi 200m Wireless Transmitter






[Product weight]:0.8±0.1g

[Introduction]:E01-2G4M01S1B is a 2.4GHz SMD wireless module with PCB antenna developed by Ebyte. With industrial grade high precision 16MHz crystal, the RF performance and component selection of the module are in accordance with industrial standards. It has obtained FCC, CE, RoHS and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification.

No. Name Direction Function
1 VCC Power supply 2.0 ~ 3.6V
2 CE Input Module control pin
3 CSN Input Chip select pin for starting new SPI communication
4 SCK Input SPI clock pin
5 MOSI Input SPI data input pin
6 MISO Output SPI data output pin
7 IRQ Output Interrupt request,valid in low level
8~10 GND - Ground, connected to power reference ground