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E01-2G4M01S1B Ebyte FCC CE RoHS Certification Cheap 2.4GHz Wireless RF Module Iot Spi 200m Wireless Transmitter






[Product weight]:0.8±0.1g

[Introduction]:E01-2G4M01S1B is a 2.4GHz SMD wireless module with PCB antenna developed by Ebyte. With industrial grade high precision 16MHz crystal, the RF performance and component selection of the module are in accordance with industrial standards. It has obtained FCC, CE, RoHS and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification.

Main ParametersValueRemarks
Voltage supply(V)03.6Voltage over 3.6V will causepermanent damage to module
Blocking power(dBm)-10Chances of burn is slim when modulesare used in short distance
Working temperature(℃)-40+85-

Operating parameter

Main ParametersValueRemarks
Operating voltage(V)≥3.3 V ensures output power
Communication level(V)-3.3-For 5V TTL, it may be at risk ofburning down
Operating temperature(℃)-402585Industrial design
Operating frequency(GHz)2.4-2.525Support ISM band
TX Current(mA)12.51313.5Instant power consumption
RX current(mA)11.51212.5-
Sleep current(μA)-1-Software is shut down
Max Tx power(dBm) as 0dBm via software, with PA
Receiving sensitivity(dBm)-92-93-94Air data rate is 250kbps
Air data rate(bps)250k250k2MControlled by user's programming

Main parameterDescriptionRemarks
Distance200min open and clear air, at height of 2.5m,air data rate:250kbps
FIFO32 ByteMax packet length per time
Crystal Frequency16MHz-
Connectorhalf hole 1.27mm-
Communication interfaceSPI0-10Mbps
Size12 * 19mmwith PCB antenna
AntennaPCB50 ohm impedance