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Ebyte became the third-party design partner with Texas Instruments (TI)

1、Introduction of Texas Instruments (TI)

TI is the world's leading semiconductor supplier of digital signal processing and analog technology and the first global semiconductor company. It is also the first semiconductor company to win the certification of the U.S. Green Building Council for building environmentally friendly manufacturing facilities.

TI, as a wellknown enterprise in the world's top 500, employs as many as 353,300 people worldwide. It has branches in America, Asia, Europe and Japan. In more than 35 countries around the world, we have manufacturing, design or sales agencies, serving more than 90,000 customers worldwide.

Analog chips are widely used in various electronic products, from portable ultrasonic devices to set-top boxes, from e-books to computer servers, from robots to LED street lights. So far, TI wireless connection chipset shipments have exceeded 1 billion. TI also has two Emmy awards for DLP technology.

2、Brief introduction of Ebyte

Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on wireless data communication applications, with a number of independent research and development products, and has been unanimously recognized by customers. The company has strong R&D technology strength, perfect after-sales system, providing customers with perfect solutions and technical support, shortening the R&D cycle, reducing R&D costs, and providing a powerful platform for new R&D ideas.

Ebyte has been maintaining a longterm and deep cooperation with TI company. TI chips are used in E07 series, E72 series, E103W02 series, E18 series, E70 series and E104 series. TI company is a company with high requirements for partners. Ebyte can establish deep cooperation with TI, which reflects the strength of Ebyte. Under the longstanding high standards of mutual demand, the two sides also trust each other and are intimate with each other. In the future, Ebyte and TI will continue to work hand in hand to create the future.


3. Brief introduction of product series

1. The E18 series are all imported with original CC2530.

CC2530 is a real SoC solution for 2.4-GHz IE802.15.4, ZigBee and RF4CE applications. It can build powerful network nodes with very low total material cost.

The E18 series adopts the original CC2530 RF chip imported by TI Company. The chip integrates 8051 single chip computer and wireless transceiver. It is suitable for ZigBee design and 2.4GHz IEEE802154 protocol. The module leads out all IO ports of MCU, which can be developed in many directions.


2. The E07 series all adopt the original imported C1101 chip

CC1101 is a less than 1GHz design designed for very low power RF applications. It is mainly aimed at industry, scientific research and medical (ISM) and short-range wireless communication equipment (SRD). CC1101 provides extensive hardware support for data packet processing, data buffering, burst transmission, received signal strength indication (RSSI), idle channel assessment (CCA), link quality indication and wireless wake-up (WOR). CC1101 is compatible with CC1100 in terms of code, package and external pins, and can be used in the most commonly used open RF designs with frequencies below 1GHz in the world.The E07 series isdesigned and developed by the original imported CC1011 RF chip of TI Company. It has all imported industrialgrade components, all aluminiumfree technology, stable performance, strong diffraction, and professional design of hardware, which makes the module very small and convenient for various embedded development. It can be connected with spring antenna or external antenna.

3. The E70 series all adopt the original imported C1310 chips.

CC1310 is an economical and efficient ultra-low power RF device under 1GHz. The internal high integration of ultra-low current consumption active RF and MCU, this excellent performance, even using small button batteries for power supply, can also be used in energy acquisition and longdistance transmission.E70 Series is a wireless module based on CC1310 RF chip of Texas Instruments (TI) Co., USA. It integrates dual-core ARM microcontroller. It has the smallest volume in the industry and builtin serial port function. It supports secondary development, transceiver and transceiver, all industrial components, supports development, low power consumption, high stability, small volume patch type, and can be installed in spring days. Line.

4. The E72 series all adopt the original imported CC2630 and CC2640 chips.

E72-SoC series low-power wireless modules, CC2630 as a dual-core chip, ARM Cortex-M3 processor for processing application data; ARM Cortex-M0 for the operation of the protocol stack. This module is a pure hardware module, no procedures, customers develop their own software. We can also contact our company to customize CC2620 and CC2650.The E72Bluetooth series uses TI's CC2640 RF chip, which integrates 128KB programmable flash memory and 8KB buffer static RAM (SRAM). It has abundant peripherals. Because of its unique ultra-low power sensor controller, it is very suitable for connecting external sensors. It is also suitable for collecting analog and digital data when the rest of the system is in sleep mode.

5. The E103 series all adopt the original imported CC3200 chips.

CC3200 device is a wireless MCU integrated with high performance ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, which enables customers to develop the whole application with a single integrated circuit (IC). With onchip WiFi, the Internet and robust and durable security protocols, faster development can be achieved without previous WiFi experience.E103W02 is based on the development of CC3200 chip of Texas Instruments (Ti) Company. The module integrates the function of transmission, that is, take and use, and supports the function that serial AT instruction set users can access the network through the serial port. It is widely used in wearing equipment, home automation, home security, personal.

6. The E104 series all adopt the original imported C2541 chip.

CC2541 is a real onchip system (SoC) solution for low power consumption and private 2.4 GHz applications. CC2541 combines the excellent performance of leading RF transceivers with an industry standard enhanced 8051 MCU, programmable flash memory in the system, 8kB RAM and many other powerful features and peripherals. CC2541 is very suitable for applications requiring ultralow energy consumption.E104BT01 adopts the original CC2541 RF chip imported by TI Company. The chip integrates 8051 single chip computer and wireless transceiver, and is suitable for BLE protocol. The module leads out all IO ports of MCU, which can be developed in many directions.

4、Authoritative inquiry methods

1.Through Texas Instruments (TI) Official Network - Products - Wireless Connection - Authenticated Wireless Module - Third Party Module

2.Replication connection: