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2023 IOTE Exhibition-ShenZhen Station, Ebyte won the "IOTE Gold Award" for innovative products

From September 20 to 22, 2023, the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station of IOTE 2023 will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan). 

It brings together the strongest upstream and downstream industry chains such as RFID, sensors, communications, positioning, artificial intelligence, and smart applications, covering the entire IoT industry chain including the sensing layer, transmission layer, platform layer, and application layer. With the theme of "IoT Builds the Base of the Digital Economy", this exhibition will showcase the latest technologies and applications of the Internet of Things, promote the in-depth integration of the Internet of Things and various industries, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to building the base of the digital economy.

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At this exhibition, EBYTE’s major products were fully unveiled at the booth:

Communication modules: LoRa module, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth module, ZigBee module, 4G/5G/NB/GPRS module, LoRaWAN module, etc.

Communication equipment: remote control switches, serial servers, digital radio stations, industrial gateways, industrial signal transmission, CAN bus, etc.

Other products: antennas and supporting products, power modules, sensors and detectors, etc.

EBYTE won the award for innovative products---"IOTE Gold Award"

During this Internet of Things exhibition, the high-profile "2023 IOTE Gold Award Innovative Product" award ceremony was also held. The LoRa wireless module independently developed by Yibyte stood out among many participating products and won the 20th place with its outstanding technological innovation capabilities. IOTE "Gold Award" in the 2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition Innovative Product Selection Event! It fully demonstrates Ebyte's continuous innovation in the field of Internet of Things and its outstanding independent research and development capabilities.

IOTE 2023-GOLD award

IOTE Gold Award Innovative product - LoRa wireless module

As a well-known enterprise in the field of domestic communications, Ebyte has been committed to the R&D and production of various communications equipment. It won the "IOTE Gold Award" innovative product - LoRa wireless module, which adopts the new generation of LoRa spread spectrum technology. Under the same power consumption conditions, It spreads farther than other wireless methods, achieving the unity of low power consumption and long distance, and extending the communication distance by 3-5 times compared with traditional wireless radio frequency transmission. Integrated industrial-grade crystal oscillator supports functions such as air wake-up, wireless configuration, carrier monitoring, and relay networking. It is widely used in applications with small data volume, low speed, and long-distance transmission, and is very popular among people in the industry.

The IOTE Gold Award 2023 Innovative Product Selection is one of the official designated activities of the IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition. It highlights the core products and innovative achievements of this year's exhibitors, from chip modules to terminal solutions, witnessing the blooming of the industry. The "IOTE Gold Award" innovation prize is the industry's recognition of Ebyte's innovative spirit. Ebyte will continue to devote itself to the innovation of wireless technology and products and forge ahead.

iote 2023

On-site communication and interaction at the Internet of Things exhibition

At this Internet of Things exhibition, Ebyte demonstrated to domestic and foreign customers the multi-scenario applications of various products in smart parks, security alarms, industrial control and medical care, environmental monitoring, smart homes and other fields. The booth was very popular, with a constant flow of people and constant on-site consultations. Ebyte exhibitors enthusiastically introduced Ebyte's independently developed IoT communication products and IoT technology application solutions to each customer, and actively collected customer needs and feedback. .

The three-day exhibition came to a perfect conclusion. Ebyte has gained a lot and witnessed the innovation and development of the Internet of Things industry. At the same time, we exchanged new views and ideas on smart IoT with many participants, and gained more new inspirations and ideas through the exchanges with industry experts and exhibition customers. Here, I would like to thank all the visitors for their strong support. We will see you at the next exhibition.

In the future, Ebyte will continue to delve deeply into the field of IoT communications, continue to innovate and iterate, adhere to customer-centeredness, empower more countries and regions around the world, and help AIoT flourish!