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E840-TTL-bridge status remote monitoring solution

By the end of 2022, the total mileage of my country's highways has reached 5.28 million kilometers, forming a national highway network with expressways as the skeleton, national and provincial roads as the veins, and rural roads as the cornerstone.


Among them, as the carrier of distance, bridges play a key role in the smooth operation of regional traffic and the stable development of social economy. With the rapid development of social economy and the increase in the number of cars, the traffic flow of bridges has increased rapidly, and the safety hazards to bridges have further aggravated. Due to factors such as the increasingly harsh environment of the bridge, the gradual increase of the load, and the long service life of the bridge, the bridge is directly damaged, causing bridge accidents, and threatening the safety of people's lives and properties. In recent years, accidents such as bridge collapse and displacement have occurred frequently, with huge social impact and serious consequences for people's lives.

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According to the Ministry of Transport's "Development to Further Improve the Safety and Durability of Highway Bridges and Complete the Reconstruction of Dangerous and Old Bridges", it is pointed out that "accelerate the implementation of the work, comprehensively do a good job in the renovation of dangerous and old bridges on highways, further improve the safety and durability of highway bridges, and promote my country's highway bridges are developing towards higher quality."


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According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Communications, there are about 800,000 highway bridges in my country. In recent years, frequent large-scale bridge collapse accidents in China have caused huge economic losses and casualties. Congenital deficiencies, human factors, long-term overloading of vehicles, material degradation, etc., lack of timely management and maintenance lead to various degrees of damage and deterioration of various parts of the structure far before reaching the design life. If the damage cannot be detected and repaired in a timely manner, it will affect driving safety and shorten the service life of the bridge at the slightest, and lead to sudden damage and collapse of the bridge at the worst. In the past, inspections of bridge diseases were all based on manual inspections, which was not efficient and accurate. The means of deformation monitoring cannot meet the requirements of deformation monitoring more and more, and there is an urgent need for equipment with more reliable performance to monitor the deformation of the bridge.


The bridge structure safety and health monitoring system is mainly composed of data acquisition system, data transmission system, comprehensive management system and alarm system.


The data acquisition system is mainly composed of sensors, which are mainly used to collect bridge settlement, inclination, vibration magnitude, deflection, position and other information, and summarize the data to the data transmission system.

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The data transmission system is mainly composed of Internet of Things transmission equipment equipped with cellular mobile communication technology, which is mainly responsible for data upload and download, and is an intermediate link between the data acquisition system and the comprehensive management system.


The integrated management system is the core of the whole system, and the main body is the cloud server. Responsible for the data collection, calculation, and processing of the entire system. At the same time, it has the ability of human-computer interaction, and can intuitively understand the status of the entire bridge.


As the execution link of the whole system, the alarm system is mainly used to provide alarm information for drivers and bridge management personnel. When an abnormality occurs, the monitoring center and the bridge will provide sound and light alarms, and at the same time send SMS messages to relevant responsible persons. Do corresponding processing in advance to avoid catastrophic accidents on the bridge.