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2023 Ebyte Team Tour: Savor the Scenery of Mang City, Ruili

Starting is always the most meaningful thing. 5. At 16:00 on the afternoon of 24th, we took the bus from the company to Tianfu International Airport. We arrived at Mangshi Dehong Airport at around 10:00 pm. We arrived at the hotel tonight - Mangshi Jiangdong Hotel within a few minutes' drive. As soon as we arrived at the place, a group of delicious eaters started looking for Yunnan-style snacks all over the street.


On the second day, go to Ruili and visit [Single tree becomes a forest], the forest is 28 meters high and the age of the tree is more than 200 years. 32 roots of different sizes take root vertically and penetrate the soil, creating a tree with multiple trunks. The forest scenery. When you enter the Dumu Chenglin Park and look up at the tall Chenglin taking root, you have to stand in awe and marvel at this magical and wonderful natural wonder. When you come to Ruili, you must go to the solemn [National Gate], which is the door of openness, the window of cooperation, and the bridge of friendship. A large number of foreign friends and compatriots from ethnic minorities have gathered here, adding a lot of world to this border gate. Fireworks. Before departure, the tour guide also told us that if you use a telecom phone card when you arrive in the country, do not answer any incoming calls, because the opposite is Myanmar, where many telecom fraud outlets are located, and it is also the place where the "kids cut" is reported on the Internet. Today's national gate has become a place for Internet celebrities to check in. Look, a group of Ebyte people have also successfully checked in here!


Afternoon, visit [One Village and Two Countries] to explore the human geography on the border. After the visit, we arrived in Tengchong by car for more than three hours. After dinner, we watched Tengchong's large-scale song and dance performance "Dream Tengchong". The history and current situation are described one by one, presenting the charm of Tengchong in a three-dimensional and diverse manner, the ancient southern Silk Road (tea-horse road), the anti-war culture in western Yunnan, and the hometown of overseas Chinese in Heshun and other ancient cultures. Looking for the red mark and tasting the culture of Tengchong opened a high-quality cultural journey for us.
On the third day, I visited the [National War Cemetery] in the morning. There are more than 3,000 tombstones of the soldiers who died in the Tengchong Battle on the mountain. . At present, it is the largest and well-preserved memorial cemetery for the fallen soldiers on the frontal battlefield during the Anti-Japanese War.


After lunch, we came to [Smoola Wa Village] a "happy place", which is a village inhabited by the Wa people with a history of more than 500 years, and an original ecological ancient village with a well-preserved ethnic culture. When you come to Tengchong, the weather here can really change your face faster than a child. The sun is still shining in the last second, and it stings on your body, and the next second makes you feel "deep and hot". When you arrive in Tengchong, you must go to the [Atami] scenic spot to soak in the hot springs and feel the natural light bath. Stepping into the scenic area, the most attractive thing is the "hot sea hot pot", which is a circular hot spring pool with a water temperature of about 96 degrees. You can't rush into the water, just take a look. There are also locals selling eggs boiled in a large boiling pot by the pool and strung together with straw. This is also a unique local delicacy. Feel the natural hot spring in the hot sea to wash away your tiredness. The water is clear and clean, and you can feel the health and beauty invaded by bathing in the sun, bringing you a brand new hot spring SPA.


On the fourth day, after breakfast, drive to [Heshun Ancient Town], where there is the largest library in rural China - Heshun Library, which is the hometown of a generation of philosopher Ai Siqi, where the fresh air and bright flowers complement each other. People live in harmony, like a "Xanadu". At the free time in Mangshi in the evening, we came to the popular local [Dai Ancient Town], which is also a place where Internet celebrities check in. There are various special snacks in it, such as beef noodles, fried tofu, etc. There are also a variety of delicious food The costumes of the Dai people are dazzling, and you can spend dozens of dollars to turn yourself into a girl of the Dai nationality in seconds, walking in dimly lit places.


On the fifth day, our trip to Yunnan is about to come to an end. Before leaving, we also visited the Tower of Dawn of the Dai-Tai people in western Yunnan — [Menghuan Great Golden Pagoda], and the rare ecological garden in the country — [Mengba Lazhen Qiyuan], there are all kinds of strange plants, and peacocks can be seen everywhere. Yunnan is indeed a good place. Blowing the wind here, looking at the blue sky here, listening to the cultural stories here, and ending this beautiful journey with a pocket of happiness.