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Ebyte 2023 Dragon Boat Festival Public Welfare Activities: Aba County Love Student Aid

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is here, and Ebyte has given the Dragon Boat Festival a different meaning, because every year when the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, it is our annual love and student aid activity. This year's Dragon Boat Festival is no exception to previous years. The Ebyte team set off from Chengdu to Aba with full of love. They carried out a variety of garden activities and performances in the school, and also conducted one-on-one home visits.


Everything here is so touching. First of all, the book bar in Aba County is more abundant than last year, and there are more and more calligraphy and photography works and other collections. In the remote plateau area, this book bar is of great significance , it expands the children's horizons and nourishes the children's hearts. This free book bar has the painstaking efforts of teacher Bojia Ze, and the dedication of caring people from all walks of life; secondly, the children can enjoy the books at a temperature less than 10 degrees Celsius. Morning reading in the playground at 7 o'clock in the morning, day after day, year after year, they are fighting for their dreams; in the end, it is the little girl who is unwilling to part, who meets on the wall, in the highland barley, and in the small In front of the noodle shop...




Perhaps it is the above touches that make us firmly believe that our caring student aid activities are so meaningful, and let us still persist after more than 10 years.


"Ebyte's mission—commitment to society: to be a good citizen of China and undertake social responsibilities within our ability." We are still in action.