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Congratulations: Ebyte has been identified as an "SRDI" enterprise in Sichuan Province

Chengdu Ebyte won the 2022 Sichuan Province "SRDI" small and medium-sized enterprise certification.

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the "2022 Sichuan Province "SRDI" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises List", Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was honored to be on the list and successfully newly recognized as an "SRDI" small and medium-sized enterprise in Sichuan Province!


"SRDI" is an important project of the country to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. "Professional, fine, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises are a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with outstanding main business, strong competitiveness, high growth potential and strong innovation ability. It is an important support for the future industrial chain and the main force for strengthening the chain and supplementing the chain.


The "SRDI" small and medium-sized enterprise identification standard includes basic conditions such as the number of years engaged in a specific market segment, the total amount of R&D expenses, R&D intensity, and operating income, and sets 15 indicators from the four aspects of specialization, refinement, specialness, and newness for comprehensive scoring. After the declaration, the city (state) economic and information technology commission and the provincial economic and information technology commission industry department will recommend, review, publicize and other processes to give affirmation.

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The selection of the 2022 "SRDI" small and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan Province marks that Chengdu Ebyte has been recognized by the government in many aspects such as market segment specialization, enterprise management refinement, product or service specialization, and scientific and technological achievements novelty.


About "SRDI"



Chengdu Yibyte has been deeply involved in the field of Internet of Things communication for 10 years, and has accumulated practical technology for 10 years. It is a high-tech enterprise with a complete industrial chain. In terms of production, it has gradually refined its manufacturing process and improved product performance. The company's products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, and Singapore, and the market covers users in industries such as the Internet of Things, consumer electronics, industrial control medical care, environmental monitoring, and artificial intelligence.


R - "Refinement"

Chengdu Yibyte has established a sophisticated and efficient management system in accordance with the concept of excellence, and its products are excellent. The company has standardized management, good reputation, and strong sense of social responsibility. It has an advantage in market segments and has been awarded "Gazelle Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Chengdu Internet of Things Industry Development Alliance Standing Director Unit", "Alibaba Demonstration Base", "Quality Management System Certification" and other enterprise qualifications have been recognized by the state and the government.



After the joint review of R&D, production, quality and process, Chengdu Yibyte continuously improves and optimizes the modern production line, and carries out personalized process design for different types of products and functions to meet the individual needs of customers. Focus on IoT, and at the same time increase the research and development, promotion and application of new products and new processes with enterprise characteristics, continuously optimize the production process, rely on the advantages of wireless communication technology, solve many pain points in industrial sites, and derive industrial Internet of Things solutions based on wireless technology.



Chengdu Ebyte has a high-level technical research and development team and high-quality senior engineers, has the necessary technical development equipment conditions and environment to complete technological innovation tasks, and has continuous innovation capabilities. Now it has won hundreds of independent research and development products and patents such as national invention patents, utility model patents, appearance design patents, software copyrights, etc., and stands out among many high-tech enterprises in the southwest area with its strong research and development strength.


Chengdu Ebyte will continue to rely on independent innovation, continue to increase investment in research and development in the field of "specialization, specialization and innovation", design and produce professional and excellent products in accordance with the concept of excellence, provide customers with professional communication solutions, and contribute to the consolidation and growth of the country Contribute to the foundation of the real economy!