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Wonderful Review: Ebyte participated in the 2023 Vietnam ICT COMM Exhibition

Ho Chi Minh City, June 8, 2023CDEBYTE, as a leading IoT communication provider, proudly looks back on the wonderful moments of our participation in ICT COMM Vietnam 2023.

As one of the exhibitors of the exhibition, Ebyte displayed the most advanced wireless communication solutions. Our booth design is full of modern sense, which attracts the attention of a large number of visitors. Attendees from Vietnam and around the world stopped by and expressed great interest in our solutions.



During the exhibition, Ebyte's team conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions with visitors. Our experts introduced to them our product features, technological innovations, and practical cases of how they are applied in different industries. Attendees gave high praise for the functionality and performance of our solutions and raised many meaningful questions, prompting in-depth discussions and reflections.


As one of the highlights of the exhibition, Ebyte made an eye-catching demonstration. We showcased our latest technological achievements and product features, demonstrating their superior performance and applicability. This demonstration aroused great interest from the participants, they gathered around to watch and gave warm applause and appreciation.



ICT COMM Vietnam is an important information and communication technology (ICT) event in Vietnam, aiming to bring together industry leaders, experts, and technology enthusiasts from all over the world.


The exhibition will provide exhibitors with a platform to showcase innovative technologies and solutions to promote the development and digital transformation of the industry. You can have face-to-face dialogues with visitors, potential customers and partners from Vietnam and around the world, show your technical strength and product advantages, and learn about the latest trends and needs of the market.

In this exhibition, we select the explosive wireless technology products below.

LoRa and sub-1Ghz:  E32-433T20S   E32-900M20S

LoRa Modems/Gateway:  E90-DTU(433L33)-V8

Remote IO module: ME31-XAXA0404  E851-RTU(4440-ETH)  

Conversion module  :ECAN-U01  NB183

Zigbee module:E18-MS1-PCB   E180-ZG120A

Bluetooth moduleE104-BT52    E104-BT05

lora and sub-1ghz
lora modem&gateway

conversion module

zigbee module

bluetooth module

lora modem&gateway

In addition, Ebyte also had constructive exchanges and talks with other exhibitors and industry partners. We shared the latest industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, explored the possibility of cooperation, and looked for ways to develop together. These exchanges provide a solid foundation for future partnerships.

Ebyte's participation in the 2023 Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition is an important milestone in our development of the ICT industry. We would like to thank all visitors, partners, and staff for their support and attention. We are committed to continue to innovate and provide customers with excellent solutions to help them succeed in the digital age.

About Ebyte:
Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Internet of Things communication.We are specializing in the research and development of wireless modules and industrial IoT terminals. Independently developed and produced products include LoRa/WiFi Wireless Module/Bluetooth/ZigBee wireless modules, 4G networking equipment, Ethernet modules, NB-IoT data transmission terminals, industrial IoT.

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