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2023 ICT COMM VIETNAM, looking forward to Ebyte’s best-selling wireless communication solutions

ICTCOMM VIETNAM is a great platform through which businesses in telecommunication industry are connected, their cooperate brands and products/services are effectively promoted. Besides, the Exhibition is expected to contribute for the expanding international field of artificial intelligence solution.

Ebyte will strongly move into 2023ICT COMM VIETNAM.

Ebyte booth No. M17

Join us now! EBYTE invites you to discover more ICT COMM exhibition highlights , ANY QUESTIONS SEND EMAIL TO service@cdebyte.com (NOTE :please named ICT COMM as your subject ) please.


For over 10 years, EBYTE has been at the forefront of developing long-range broadband communication technologies .

Ebyte is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of wireless modules and industrial IoT terminals. Independently developed and produced products include LoRa/WiFi Wireless Module/Bluetooth/ZigBee wireless modules, 4G networking equipment, Ethernet modules, NB-IoT data transmission terminals, industrial IoT.

In this exhibition, we select the explosive wireless technology products below.

Products include :

LoRa and sub-1Ghz:  E32-433T20S   E32-900M20S

LoRa Modems/Gateway:  E90-DTU(433L33)-V8

Remote IO module: ME31-XAXA0404  E851-RTU(4440-ETH)  

Conversion module  :ECAN-U01  NB183

Zigbee module:E18-MS1-PCB   E180-ZG120A

Bluetooth moduleE104-BT52    E104-BT05

lora and sub-1ghz
lora modem&gateway

conversion module

zigbee module

bluetooth module

lora modem&gateway

Vietnam Communications Exhibition is an important exhibition event in Vietnam's communication technology industry, aiming to showcase the latest products, technologies and services of Vietnam's local and international communication technology industry. The following is the history of Vietnam Communication Exhibition:


The history of Vietnam Telecom Exhibition can be traced back to 1998, when the exhibition was also known as Vietnam International Telecommunications and Information Technology Exhibition (Vietnam Telecomp for short). With the passage of time, this exhibition has continued to grow and develop, attracting more and more international well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In the past few years, the show's name has been changed to Vietnam International Communications Summit & Expo, which puts more emphasis on the position of communication technology in the exhibition.


Vietnam Communication Exhibition is held every year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, attracting exhibitors and professionals from all over the world. The exhibition includes activities such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars, covering topics such as telecommunications, information technology, mobile communications, Internet, network security, and satellite communications. The exhibition provides a platform for Vietnamese local and international communication technology companies to showcase their latest products, technologies and services, and also promotes international business exchanges and cooperation.

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