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IOTE 2023-Shanghai Station, EBYTE is waiting for you with the latest IoT transmission solutions

IOTE 2023-Shanghai Station(17/05-19/05) gathers the resources of the entire Internet of Things industry, and conducts resource docking accurately and efficiently.

Chengdu EBYTE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to be one of the exhibitors this time,

Our booth number: 3C32-5

We sincerely hope all IoT enthusiasts to visit our booth. If you want to know more about EBYET at this exhibition, please feel free to send an email to service@cdebyte.com(NOTE :please named IOTE 2023 as your subject )


IOTE Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition (19th), will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on May 17-19, 2023, bringing together more than 350+ exhibitors from around the world, covering four levels of perception, transmission, platform, and application, 50,000 +Professional integrators and end users from the fields of industry, logistics, infrastructure, smart city and smart retail will visit the exhibition. Complete visits and cooperation docking in one stop.


Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales in the field of Internet of Things. Its main products include low-power wireless modules, wireless sensor networks, radio frequency identification (RFID) products, Bluetooth modules, etc. The company has rich experience and technology in the field of Internet of Things, and its products are widely used in smart home, smart grid, smart transportation, smart medical care, smart city and other fields.


We have brought explosive products to this exhibition, including LoRa modules and LoRaWAN gateways, remote IO modules, CAN-bus network conversion modules, zigbee and Bluetooth modules, etc. We look forward to communicating and discussing with you who are interested.



Ethernet interface LoRa long range small size 433MHz 1W Modbus RTU gateway IOT Wireless transceiver module                                       






[Introduction]A small, powerful wireless digital data-Ethernet transceiver with the function of long range, digital data processing, digital modulation and demodulation, FEC, balanced soft decision, etc. It carries a M0+ series 32 bit processor. It has adaptive network rate and TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client.

CAN canverter

Ebyte OEM/ODM ECAN-401 High protection CAN to RS485/232/422 converter, gateway serial communication module


E104-BT02 wireless UART to BLE module with high cost performance

Chengdu Ebyte has been committed to continuous innovation and technological upgrading, and has achieved a number of technological and product innovations, such as the development of the world's smallest Wi-Fi module, the first application of the LoRaWAN communication protocol in China, etc. The company continues to introduce new products and solutions to meet the needs of customers in the field of Internet of Things.


The IOTE exhibition is divided into 5 major exhibition areas, namely:


1.Sensor Smart Device Exhibition

2.Communication and Precise Positioning Exhibition

3.Industrial Internet of Things and Application Platform Exhibition

4.Optical Communication and Cloud Computing Big Data Exhibition

5.RFID Automatic Identification Exhibition


The scope covers IoT perception layer, transport layer, platform layer, application layer, and IoT supporting.


The transport layer is responsible for transmitting the information captured by the perception layer to the platform layer, including wide-area cellular networks based onNB-IoT and 5G, and short-distance wireless communication networkssuch as WiFi and Bluetooth. Players at the level are mainly communication module manufacturers and communication services provider. From the perspective of the value of the industrial chain, the value of the transport layer accounts for 10% of the overall IoT industry chain.

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The IOTE 2023 Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition will also hold professional summit forums based on the current hot areas of concern and the golden track. The agenda for this exhibition forum has been preliminarily determined. Cutting-edge industry information will be shared at the same forum as the exhibition, and the pulse of industry development trends.


IOTE 2023-Shanghai Station gathers the resources of the entire Internet of Things industry, and conducts resource docking accurately and efficiently. We look forward to your visit and we are very happy to communicate with you and share the latest trends and technological innovations in the field of IoT.


As an important branch in the field of information technology, the Internet of Things has been developing and improving. In the future, the Internet of Things will become more popular and in-depth, and the trend of intelligence and digitalization will become more and more obvious. At the same time, wireless communication technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies will also be combined with the Internet of Things to promote the development and innovation of the Internet of Things.


Under this trend, Ebyte will continue to pay attention to the latest development of IoT technology, constantly explore and launch new solutions and products, and provide customers with more high-quality and efficient IoT services. We look forward to communicating with you at 2023 IOTE to discuss new trends and future development directions of the Internet of Things.