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Relax and sow hope│Ebyte's 2020 charity activities and annual tourism

With the cold wind blowing and ginkgo yellow everywhere, the winter of 2020 has come quietly. In 2020, we have had a stressful and fulfilling life. Due to the epidemic, the company has shelved its annual plan to travel abroad every year, but it is the tradition of Ebyte to gather every year. At the end of 2020, we plan to have a public welfare release. Cum annual tourism trip. Experience charity, relax and sow hope.

On the afternoon of December 4th, we set off from the headquarters of the Chengdu Hi-tech West District Company and went to Jiange County, the first stop of this trip. In this way, the three-day and two-night outing officially kicked off!

"Don't eat tofu banquet, go to Xiongguan in vain", the first meal after arriving in Jiange County is the local specialties-tofu feast. Tofu that looks ordinary on weekdays, in the hands of the locals, is made into a variety of beautiful and delicious delicacies.202012171843436365.jpg

In the cold winter, the most comfortable thing is probably the hot springs, singing and dancing on the stage, and interactive games off the stage! We drizzle above our heads, watch the beautiful women, soak in the warm pool, play around, talk and laugh, so it's so lively. At this moment, the fatigue of the friends has long since disappeared,


In the early morning of December 5th, we set off to Jianmenguan Scenic Area and Cuiyun Corridor. Jianmenguan is known as "the world's first natural pass". Thousands of years ago, the poet Li Bai once passed by here, leaving behind the ancient famous sentence "The difficulty of the road of Shu, it is difficult to go to the blue sky", referring to the steep mountains of Jianmen Pass.


After entering Jianmen Pass, you can play freely. The little friends are in groups, some go around along the mountain road, and some dare to climb the ape and rub the road.

The Yuanqi Road, which grows along the cliff, is in the shape of a zigzag along the seam of the cliff. The width of the road is only 30 cm and the narrow is less than 15 cm. It can be described as a real cliff climbing.


Li Taibai's poem: Xidang Taibai has a bird's way, which can cross the Emei Peak. Different from the ape road, the bird road is built by cutting a cliff. When walking, the road under your feet is not so thrilling, so when you cross the narrow road, you have more thoughts to appreciate the current scenery

202012171843453626.jpgThe sun and the moon turned, Jianmen Guan Yunhai awakened from the night, and the morning sun broke through the clouds, reflecting Ye Ye's brilliance.


Get close to nature, feel nature, and perceive history. When you come to Cuiyun Corridor, you can find ancient trees from the Yao, Shun and Yu period, and towering ancient trees for thousands of years. Friends chatting while admiring the ancient trees and ancient wells of this Cuiyun Corridor.

Our friends who have been in the office for a long time have a thorough close contact with nature. I think many years later, no matter where we are, we will still remember these roads that our Ebyte people have walked together.

202012171843456305.jpgThis trip is also a public welfare trip. Our fry release destination is Guangyuan Cangxi Tingzikou Reservoir. On December 6, 400,000 small fry were waiting for us to return to nature. Under the orderly organization of the charity host, we carried buckets, lined up, picked up the fry, and then carefully put the fry into the reservoir safely and watched the fish. We swim freely to the distance, everyone is full of excitement, they should be able to grow into big fish in the coming year!


"A small thing, do it together, and keep doing it until a great thing is accomplished"-Weibo Charity, Ebyte people have been insisting. Taking back the society as our mission is our Ebyte's cultural philosophy.

After the public welfare release ended, the Yibaite people drove to the last destination of the trip-the ancient city of Langzhong, known as "Langyuan Wonderland", "Bashu Key Chong", and "The World's Number One Country".


Walking on the streets of Langzhong, the ginkgo is yellow, and the classical courtyard in Langzhong is exquisite and unique, filled with aura and full of ease, the tranquility and indifference make people fascinated.

This year's travel abroad stopped us in Sichuan due to the epidemic, but it is precisely because of this that more of our boys and their families have experienced a different kind of charity tourism. "Team building, charity, tourism-we are on the road!