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The global "MCU out of stock tide" is coming, let's see how Ebyte breaks the predicament!

Qualcomm's CEO-designate Cristiano Amon (Cristiano Amon) said: "If you ask him what keeps him awake at night, what keeps him awake at night is the supply crisis in the semiconductor industry."

20213251340428367.jpg"The supply crisis in the semiconductor field occurred because of the high demand for technology products, which brought tremendous pressure on the supply chain, but the supply chain was not prepared for this."

The global MCU is out of stock collectively, staged the biggest out of stock tide in history!

According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", the largest chip shortage in the history of the network communications industry broke out. Related manufacturers revealed that Broadcom, the global leader in communication chips, notified customers that the period of its main communication chips has been extended to 50 weeks, and some chips have been longer than one year. The communication factory bluntly said: "There is no end to the lack of materials." A large number of orders are transferred to Taiwanese manufacturers such as MediaTek, Realtek, and Liji.

According to industry insiders, in the face of out-of-stocks, some communication manufacturers rarely inform customers that “orders cannot be cancelled”, so that orders are all “real buys”, effectively avoiding the problem of repeated orders.

20213251342212801.jpgLi Zhongwang, chairman of the China-Taiwan telecommunications company Friendcomm, pointed out that the lack of materials for communication chips has been very serious recently, and the delivery time of some chips can even be as long as 52 weeks. The industry must actively respond to the problem of shortages. An insider said: "There is no end to the shortage of materials, which can be said to be the largest shortage of goods in history."

How does Ebyte deal with material shortages?

The shortage of supply has also brought about the rise in the price of raw materials. Many IC design manufacturers have been relatively concentrated and announced to varying degrees that they have adjusted their product prices, basically maintaining the range at around 10%-20%.

Even so, there are still many core chips that can't even be bought for money.


Many small and medium-sized manufacturers have not been able to supply smoothly, their production capacity has been squeezed out, and the supply of downstream customers is extremely unstable, and they appear to be very passive.

Faced with such a dilemma, many small and medium-sized manufacturers canceled the customer account period, and customers competed for the order of payment. In order to give priority to meeting the needs of large companies, some manufacturers even postpone and skip tickets for small companies, seriously damaging the interests of customers.

However, as a high-quality manufacturer of a certain level, Ebyte is confident and more capable to break the "out of stock" dilemma!

1. Be prepared and stock up in advance

20213251345374366.jpgOn the one hand, Ebyte, as a large manufacturer that has been deeply involved in the Internet of Things field for many years, has noticed the possible crisis of chip shortage in advance. Since the second half of last year, Ebyte has stocked up key chips and materials in batches to meet customer needs and respond to the crisis of "core shortage".

2. Choose high-quality large factories, and supply more secure


Although the goods have been prepared in advance, Ebyte is inevitably affected by the fluctuations in the supply chain. Fortunately, Ebyte has always attached great importance to the construction of supply chain partnerships.

Joining forces with TI to become its third-party design company. At the same time, it has maintained long-term in-depth cooperation and exchanges with world-class manufacturers such as Nordic, Semtech, SiliconLabs, etc. After various efforts and communication, most of Ebyte models have sufficient inventory, please rest assured to buy . At the same time, we will further increase the stock volume and stabilize the price.

3. Introduced a single model and multiple solutions, not affected by materials, stable supply

Due to uncertain factors in material supply, we have prepared a second or even third plan for most products, such as the existing E01C series, E49 series, E22-C series, E220 series (for specific product plans, please call 4000-330- 990 telephone consultation), temporarily select the production plan according to the material supply situation, to ensure that the customer continues to provide sufficient sources of supply.

We have undergone rigorous verification and based on Ebyte's strong technical research and development capabilities and product control, to ensure that customers can switch without any sense, and their functions and performances are completely consistent. Please rest assured to choose.

4. Ensure product quality is foolproof

20213251347574030.jpgThere is only one opportunity given to us by customers. Ebyte can meet the requirements of consistency, reliability and stability while ensuring mass production of products, strictly comply with relevant certification standards, and deliver safe and reliable wireless modules to the market.

5. Increase R&D investment and enhance innovation capabilities


Lack of innovation means lack of competitiveness. While ensuring quality, it is necessary to increase R&D investment and enhance innovation capabilities. Ebyte does not blindly adopt a compatible and alternative strategic route, but insists on independent innovation, deepens customer needs, and provides differentiated products and solutions.

As a high-tech enterprise, Ebyte has been deeply involved in the field of Internet of Things for decades, and now I dare not be complacent about its achievements. Only by steadily making breakthroughs step by step can we finally get the recognition of customers. And the Internet of Things, domestic The 5G tide, overseas markets, new infrastructure, etc. have provided a large number of broad market space and development opportunities waiting for Ebyte to explore!