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AI intelligently controls traffic lights

Transportation is the main artery of social operation. However, at certain times and places with a large number of people and vehicles, this artery will inevitably be blocked. AI intelligent control of traffic lights (also known as "adaptive signs") can alleviate this situation.

At present, there is a system behind the traffic lights in cities that has been in operation for many years. The system database contains the traffic flow information accumulated by the county and city governments over the years. And on the road sections that are prone to congested traffic during peak hours, the lights will be controlled manually depending on the situation. "This mode of operation does help to ease urban traffic to a certain extent. However, when the number of people and vehicles in the city increases, the traffic light system must become smarter, and AI will play a key role here."

When the AI enters the traffic light! Traffic lights can "autonomously judge" intersection conditions

According to the forecast of Emergen Research, a research institute, due to the growing demand for efficient traffic management in various cities, the global AI transportation market will reach 7 billion US dollars in 2028. There are relevant cases of using adaptive signs in various countries. Increase the efficiency of urban traffic, reduce urban carbon emissions, and allow fire engines, ambulances and other vehicles to have priority access and other benefits.

But specifically, how will the intersection with the AI smart light signal control system be different from now? Xu Kaixiang explained that at the intersection with such adaptive signs, the camera of the traffic light signal will first transmit the image to the edge computing computer in the light signal device, and the edge computing computer will judge the current situation in real time and control the light signal, so that the road The flow of people and vehicles is smoother.

In addition, the computer will also learn autonomously through the internal AI algorithm, making the signal control more and more accurate. Compared with the existing signal control system with a fixed number of seconds, the AI system can automatically adjust the signal according to the intersection situation, which is more suitable for The environment at the intersection with changing conditions, "just like a human policeman, can judge the current traffic flow and adjust it in real time."

This wisdom situation looks good, but it is not easy to achieve this goal. There are three major problems that need to be solved.

The first is that the traffic light equipment is located in a harsh environment, and the high and low temperature in winter and summer will affect the computer performance of traffic signals at intersections; secondly, sufficient computing power is required to process huge image information in real time; thirdly, decentralized Equipment in various places is difficult to monitor and maintain. In the past, it was common for cameras to lose power, resulting in unobtainable surveillance images.

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