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School-enterprise cooperation: warmly welcome teachers and students of Xihua University to visit ebyte

Welcome teachers and students from the School of Electrical and Electronic Information, Xihua University to visit!


Since the establishment of Ebyte, we have been determined to be a company with a sense of social responsibility. From 2012 to 2022, Ebyte has been established for ten years. The company has not only achieved rapid development, but also achieved the enthusiasm of insisting on school-enterprise cooperation. Now Ebyte has established a school-enterprise cooperative relationship with many colleges and universities. Every year, we will provide corresponding technical activities for colleges and universities, such as student apprenticeships, internships, employment guidance, etc.


In June 2022, teachers and students from the School of Electrical and Electronic Information of Xihua University came to Ebyte for a visit.

First of all, our representative gave a detailed introduction to the Internet of Things knowledge, the introduction of the Internet of Things-related products, and the display of the application scenarios of the products in the Internet of Things industry, so that students can have a more in-depth understanding of the Internet of Things industry. Then, lead the students to the manufacturing center to visit and explain the production process of wireless modules/communication equipment and other related products. During the visit, students can more intuitively experience the forming process of IoT products by combining their professional knowledge and understanding of the Internet of Things. It also provides guidance for students' future career planning.

On the road of future development, Ebyte will still not forget its original intention, insist on doing public welfare, and insist on contributing its own strength to the society. It is hoped that in the next decade, Ebyte can establish in-depth cooperation with more universities, promote the better combination of students' theory and practice, and provide more support for the country to cultivate practical talents.