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What is the reason that cloud computing is the cornerstone of IoT development

As the Internet of Things continues to mature and develop, cloud computing has gradually become an indispensable part of it. The Internet of Things collects a large amount of data that is difficult to calculate through a large number of sensors, and cloud computing can intelligently carry out these collected data. processing. Cloud computing is the cornerstone of the development of the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things is the largest user of cloud computing.

First of all, what is an IoT cloud?

If we want to realize the Internet of Things, we cannot do without the Internet of Things cloud. It is not only the operation of network data, but also the operation data of equipment, and the development of the Internet of Things cloud focuses on the construction of cloud architecture. Simply put, the IoT cloud is a convenient management operating system that can realize unified management and distribution in the background. Cloud computing can be said to be the cornerstone of the development of the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things is the largest user of cloud computing.

With the increasing popularity and continuous development of Internet of Things technology, Internet cloud technology has been gradually replaced by Internet of Things cloud. Compared with Internet cloud, the biggest features of Internet of Things cloud are:

1. Unlike the Internet cloud based on large-volume information, the data of the Internet of Things cloud is mostly short instructions;

2. The number of responses of the IoT cloud server can reach hundreds of millions of times per day, which requires high feedback speed on the cloud;

3. The IoT cloud has very high requirements on the reliability of information delivery, requiring 7x24 work around the clock;

4. The IoT cloud can fully access various IoT devices, cloud-cloud docking, and wireless expansion.

Why is the cloud important in the IoT era?

Because the cloud is responsible for the coordinated operation of devices in the era of the Internet of Things, in order to fulfill the needs of users for the coordinated operation of multiple devices, the cloud plays the role of integrating multiple services. The development of science and technology is accompanied by intelligent life. The core of intelligent life is data algorithm. The role of the cloud is to store relevant data in the cloud and continuously upgrade and optimize it.

In fact, the popularity and development of cloud services have promoted the development of many IoT businesses, and the future development trend of IoT cloud is:


1. The IoT cloud is highly sticky to the cloud, and the demand for functions such as security, management, and analysis is stronger, and the cloud division of labor is more rational;

2. With the maturity of IoT technology, more and more companies have joined the ranks of IoT, which will increase the test of their technology and capital accumulation;

3. As more and more companies join the industry, vertical clouds have also begun to rise, and vertical clouds are technically easier to close the loop;

4. Massive data storage and computing demands will drive the rapid expansion of IaaS clouds.

At present, many domestic enterprises have also joined the torrent of the Internet of Things cloud, such as Jingdong Weilian, Ali Intelligent and other enterprises spanning the Internet of Things in the Internet field, industrial leaders such as Sany Heavy Industry, Aisen Intelligence, etc., as well as enterprise cloud in the home appliance industry. Such as Haier U+, Midea M-smart and other leading companies in many fields, we can see the vigorous development of the Internet of Things cloud era.

With the arrival of wave after wave of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things has gradually become the next main battlefield of the major giants. All industry leaders have adjusted their development strategies and embraced the Internet of Things. However, to win the IoT + cloud computing war, it is not enough to just fight the cyclical price war as in the past, the cloud computing giants must also prove that they can provide better IoT cloud services.