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Sensor plays a very important role in safe flight!

Recently, the Eastern Airlines MU5735 crash can be said to affect the hearts of all Chinese people, and netizen are concerned about the progress of the rescue work all the time. At present, the two black boxes of the plane are being decoded, and the accident investigation team is also conducting and investigating. We are looking forward to the official announcement of the real cause of the crash.


Once the accident happened, there were many speculations about the reasons behind the crash, one of which was that the aircraft's sensors failed, which caused the plane to dive straight into the crash.


After the accident, the data shows that the model of MU5735 is Boeing 737-800. I believe everyone is very familiar with the "Boeing" series of aircraft, especially the Boeing 737 series. It is one of the aircraft that has suffered many aviation accidents. Over the past ten years, Boeing 737 series airliners have caused more than 30 accidents.

Among them, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 was grounded by the Civil Aviation Administration of China due to a series of accidents caused by its sensor errors. Soon after, the aircraft was also grounded worldwide. The personal safety of passengers is the most important.


In 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives released an investigation report on the successive crashes of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. It showed that the accident was mainly attributed to MCAS, which is Boeing's new maneuvering characteristics enhancement system.


The MCAS has two angle-of-attack sensors, which are usually mounted on the side of the aircraft near the nose. The sensor installed on the nose of the aircraft monitors the size of the angle-of-attack. If the sensor detects that the angle of attack is close to the stall state, MCAS will adjust the horizontal wing surface of the aircraft tail to make the aircraft "bow down" to avoid entering the stall state. However, related investigations revealed that the MCAS system failed due to faulty sensor measurements on the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

The angle of attack sensor is a device that measures the angle of attack of the aircraft, also known as AOA. AOA is one of the important flight parameters. AOA, as a key component of the aircraft to measure the angle of attack, cannot be mistaken, and needs to be able to sense the direction of the airflow very sensitively.


The vast majority of modern civil aircraft also have a stall warning system. When the actual angle of attack is close to the critical angle of attack and the aircraft is in danger of stalling, the angle of attack sensor provides data support for the stall warning system.


Airplanes are considered to be the safest means of transportation in the world. Compared with other means of transportation, the accident rate is low. However, once an accident occurs, the probability of survival is extremely low.


Lu Min, the senior engineer of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences said: "Tomorrow will come, the sun will rise as usual, and the plane will still take off towards a bright future. The lessons of every accident are painful, but we cannot lose our precious confidence just because of an accident."


Lift is only one time. May the development of science and technology make flying safer.

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