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Ebyte wireless communication module based on 2.4G wireless Internet of Things application in the judge's station

With the rapid development of technology, many entertainment programs have appeared. In order to achieve the effect of the program, judges often give scores to the performers below, and the scoring system has also developed from the original placard scoring to electronic scoring. The current scoring system of the judge's desk is mainly composed of a voting device, a transmission cable and a host. When the judges press the corresponding score on the voting device, the transmission cable transmits the score data to the host, and the host sends all the data to the host. After the statistics are completed, they will be published.

However, because the judge station and the host part are generally far apart, the long-distance wiring causes a lot of inconvenience, it is easy to trip people, and it is not beautiful. In the case of cable, it is very inconvenient for the judges to interact with the audience and actors, causing a lot of trouble. Based on the rapid development of wireless radio frequency technology, many companies have made wireless communication between the scoring system and the host computer. This article aims to explain the application of wireless modules in the judge's station.

2. Selection of wireless frequency bands

In the field of radio, we can divide the types of radios according to frequency bands, such as 170M, 315M, 433M and 2.4G, etc. This article mainly introduces 2.4G.

The transmission characteristics of the 2.4GHz frequency band are: it is a public frequency band that is allowed to be used by the Radio Commission and the Ministry of Information Industry, and is a frequency band that is free to use without authorization. For example, wireless phones and Bluetooth all use this frequency band, and there is no need for continuous work between the receiver and the transmitter, which greatly reduces power consumption and prolongs battery life. 2.4G also uses automatic frequency modulation technology, the receiving end and the transmitting end can find the available frequency band. In addition, the more important 2.4GRF (radio frequency) wireless technology is a two-way transmission mode. It transmits digital radio frequency signals, its wavelength is very short, the effect of directional transmission is very good, the anti-interference ability is strong, the sound quality is good, and the transmission distance is long. And digital radio frequency signal does not belong to electromagnetic wave, transmit power is small, will not cause harm to human body. Digital RF technology is a direct digital modulation technology that uses automatic digital signal processing to replace the traditional cumbersome and complex analog RF circuit design.

3. Application of wireless module in 2.4G


Based on the shortcomings of the current judging station scoring system, we can use the mature wireless technology to transmit data. At present, there are many types of wireless modules, lora modules, wifi modules, bluetooth modules, zigbee modules, serial wireless communication modules, etc., and many frequency bands are used: 315M, 433M, 2.4G, etc. Based on the complex use environment of the judge's desk, we need to choose a wireless module that is easy to use and has strong anti-interference. After some choices, I finally chose the module shown in the figure above. The frequency band of this module is 2.4G, and it supports LoRa spread spectrum anti-jamming. It can still work normally in the complex environment of the jury's desk, where the radio is densely covered. , the working current is low, it can be used in battery-powered occasions, and the 2.4G speed is very fast, any data can be reached quickly.


After selecting the appropriate module, we can re-develop the scoring system. All voting devices are equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless module, which sends data to the host in a unified manner. When the user completes the input of the score, the data is processed by the microcontroller, packaged and sent to the wireless module through the serial port, which is transmitted by the 2.4GHz wireless module and transmitted to the host, which directly saves troublesome wiring.

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