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Congratulations to Ebyte for winning the title of Chengdu 2021 Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Unit

In accordance with the "Policies and Measures on Promoting the Innovative Development of Intellectual Property Rights" (Chengshi Jianfa [2020] No. 60) and "Implementation Opinions on the Cultivation of Demonstration Units with Superior Intellectual Property Rights in Chengdu" (Chengshi Jianfa) [2020] No. 68) related spirits, the Chengdu Municipal Administration for Market Regulation has publicly organized and carried out the declaration of the Chengdu Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Unit in 2021. After the preliminary review, acceptance, verification, expert review, and spot check of our company, it was confirmed that Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. met the conditions of Chengdu's intellectual property advantage unit.

Our company will develop rapidly in 2021. Ebyte has made major breakthroughs in communication equipment products such as lora, zigbee, nbiot, cat, can bus wireless modules and remote switches, digital radios, serial servers, etc., and has developed a variety of products. Obtained various technical patents and certificates, the products produced are exported to more than 50 countries overseas, and the sales performance has reached a new high.