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Application of Wireless Module in "Fog Area Safe Driving Guidance System"

Brief Introduction of Safe Driving Guidance System in Fog Area

The fog area safety driving guidance system is a foggy road traffic safety protection equipment installed on the highway roadside guardrail or concrete wall. or components. It has fully intelligent active guidance and anti-collision warning. Its main function is to enable vehicles on the road to see the road ahead and its direction clearly in low-visibility environments such as foggy days, and to detect vehicles ahead in advance to avoid rear-end collisions. And it has passed the testing and certification of the National Traffic Safety Facilities Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The fog area driving safety guidance system is a new technical product specially developed for road driving safety in fog and other severe weather conditions. The product focuses on early warning and collision avoidance in fog areas on expressways and ordinary roads. It has the functions of fog detection, linear guidance, and anti-collision warning; the detection and guidance equipment is installed on both sides of the road, using wireless power supply and wireless automatic networking, and can automatically open the corresponding display warning strategy according to foggy weather.


Successful application of wireless module in fog area safety driving guidance system

As shown in the figure, there are multiple single devices on a highway to form a safe driving guidance system. The foggy safe driving guidance system has advanced one detection, two synchronization, and two revisions, and this advanced design requires equipment Therefore, the wireless serial port module is used as the data transceiver to realize data interaction.

The fog area safety driving guidance system introduced in this article adopts the wireless module produced by Ebyte Company. The wireless module E32-TTL-100 is based on the SX1278/1276 chip, and the RF driver has built-in modules. Users only need to send and receive data through the serial port. The operation is simple and can save users a lot of development time.


Introduction of wireless module

E32-TTL-100 is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on SEMTECH's SX1278 RF chip, transparent transmission, working in the 410~441MHz frequency band (default 433MHz), LoRa spread spectrum technology, TTL level output, compatible with 3.3V and 5V IO port voltage.

LoRa direct-sequence spread spectrum technology will bring longer communication distance, and has the advantages of concentrated power density and strong anti-interference ability. The module has software FEC forward error correction algorithm, which has high coding efficiency and strong error correction ability. In the case of sudden interference, it can actively correct the interfered data packets, greatly improving reliability and transmission distance. In the absence of FEC, such packets can only be dropped.

The module has data encryption and compression functions. The data transmitted by the module in the air is random, and the data interception is meaningless through strict encryption and decryption algorithms. The data compression function has the possibility to reduce the transmission time, reduce the probability of being interfered, and improve reliability and transmission efficiency.

Other recommended solutions

It is also recommended that customers use E51-TTL-50 for communication between devices in the fog area safety driving guidance system. On the one hand, this product is based on the AX5243 radio frequency chip, which has strong anti-interference ability for narrow-band transmission, and the frequency band is 230M, and the diffraction ability is also strong. Stronger, on the other hand, the module has more channels, which is convenient for customers to use frequency hopping, and the power consumption of the module is lower.


With the rapid development of the electronics industry today, top industry companies have rapidly launched stable and reliable high-quality products through strong alliances and complementary advantages, becoming the mainstream R&D awareness of electronic products. Due to the close cooperation of many parties, the fresh air system introduced in this article is rapidly squeezing the market of traditional products with excellent product positioning and user experience, and has become a thriving industry in the industry.

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Wireless module manufacturer: Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.