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Bluetooth intelligence makes anti-epidemic safer and simpler!

Now the epidemic has spread all over the world, causing severe damage to the global economy and deepening the anxiety of the entire society. Limited medical resources have become the biggest obstacle to defeating the epidemic. In the face of a cruel epidemic, fighting for medical time means fighting for life. In this case, improving the efficiency of medical operations becomes particularly critical.


Smart medical

Smart healthcare is to use advanced Internet of Things technology to realize the interconnection and intercommunication between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, and medical equipment, improve medical operation procedures and improve medical quality, and at the same time improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical work, thereby protecting patients Life safety, and reduce the occurrence of medical disputes.

According to the trajectory of the sick person's activities, delineate a clear chain of virus transmission, determine close contacts, take quarantine measures and delineate the scope of disinfection, and through a series of measures to block the spread and spread of the new crown pneumonia virus. So the question is, how to achieve self-health monitoring and tracking of the trajectory of patients?

Bluetooth intelligence makes anti-epidemic safer and simpler

Combining the E104-BT02 module with the wearable device can realize timely information sharing and real-time tracking, forming a management and control system with no omissions and full coverage, ensuring that the health information system is in place and the prevention and control measures are in place.


Case diagram

application solution

1. Hardware solution

(1) Bluetooth wearable device:

Temperature sensor: Collect human body temperature and location information, and transmit it to Bluetooth devices;

Bluetooth module: Transmit location information and temperature to mobile device or Bluetooth gateway;

(2) Bluetooth 4G gateway:

Use E104-BT02 Bluetooth module, plus Ebyte 4G module EC01-SNC, implement the sniffing function to directly receive nearby broadcast signals, and upload them to the server background through the 4G module after verification.

2. Software function

(1) Bluetooth wearable devices: collect human body temperature and location information, and push the data to the server or mobile phone by broadcasting (gateway connection mode) or establishing a connection (mobile phone connection mode), and it has a certain storage function;

(2) Bluetooth 4G gateway: collect the broadcast information of the wearable device, and transmit it to the server background for decision-making through 4G;

(3) Mobile APP: It can directly connect to the Bluetooth wearable device to obtain temperature information, and automatically upload it to the server background when it is connected to the Internet;

(4) Server background: Collect and store wearable equipment or location information, and monitor the temperature. If it exceeds the set value, it will automatically send an alarm via SMS/APP and dynamically display the monitored location information.

Case advantage

.Regarding the epidemic situation, through functions such as transparent transmission and positioning, the trajectory of the sick person's activity can be clarified, and early attention and early prevention of people in contact within the range;

.For oneself, health data such as weight control, sleep monitoring, heart rate recording, etc. help users better manage their own health;

.In the future, audio transmission, data transmission, location services, device networks, wearable devices and Internet of Things technologies will surely set off a wave in the field of health.

The E104-BT02 module is based on Dialog’s DA14580 chip research and development. The module integrates transparent transmission function, master-slave integration, and it is ready to use. The module has high stability and ultra-low sleep power consumption. The minimum working current in slave mode is below 3uA (with the broadcast function turned on), and it can be powered by a single button battery. The data transmission is stable and efficient. In the slave mode, it supports the data transmission function with the maximum baud rate of 57600bps. It is a veritable data transparent transmission module.


Support high-speed continuous transmission;

Possess the industry's lowest power consumption;

Module supports "sniffing" function;

Support serial wakeup;

Equipped with professional RF shielding cover;

Support ibeacon and beacon simultaneous broadcasting;


Product physical map

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