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[Application] Intelligent forest fire prevention system based on LoRa technology to protect nature from harm!

It seems that every year there will be news of forest fires in Liangshan, Sichuan. In the 3-30 forest fire incident in Xichang City in 2020, 19 heroes died. On April 5, 2021, another forest occurred in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished scientifically and safely by the national comprehensive firefighting and rescue team, local professional fire fighting team and emergency aviation rescue team. As of 14:00 on April 8, the open fire at the fire site had been successfully extinguished, and now it has been transferred to the guarding stage. It is relieved that there are no casualties, but we have found that forest fires occur almost every year. As a feeling of grief and regret for sacrificing heroes, I tried my best to use technology to change or reduce the occurrence of such things. .


With the continuous development and maturity of sensors, wireless data transmission equipment, and application solutions, it is also continuously promoting the development of industrial applications, smart homes, smart security, smart transportation, smart environmental protection, smart agriculture and other industries; then for this kind of forest fire prevention What can we do? Let's analyze the application scenarios:

1. The application environment is a vast no-man's land, inaccessible to people;

2. It is in a mountainous area with dense vegetation; the operator's signal may be weak;

Let's analyze the occurrence of the fire source. The 3-30 forest fire in 2020 was caused by the impact of the wind on the reserved drainage line of the substation, which formed a permanent grounding discharge fault; the 3-30 forest fire in Liangshan in 2019 killed 31 people;

Based on the above considerations, we found that preventing forest fires is very meaningful. It can quickly locate the fire location and quickly deal with fire accidents, and further reduce the loss of fire. Based on LoRa technology, we can use different sensors and Ebyte's The LoRa data transmission station + NB data transmission station transmits the data, and finally uploads the data to the server through 4G. Through data processing, the temperature changes in the forest can be displayed intuitively, and based on the possible fire conditions. Give reminders; thus play a role in preventing forest fires.


Place a temperature sensor and LoRa radio station E90-DTU (400SL44) at the fire source where the forest may catch fire. E90-DTU (400SL44) is very suitable for long-distance data transmission, and the transmission distance can reach more than 40KM in an ideal environment; the sensor transmits temperature data through RS485 /RS232 is transmitted to LoRa station A; LoRa station A transmits the data to LoRa station B 40KM away; if the distance is longer, you can use the relay function; LoRa station B transmits the data to NB station E840-DTU( EA01), the NB radio station uploads the temperature data to the server; after data processing, the server presents the data in a graphical, tabular, and chart-based manner, and combined with the map, the situation of forest fires can be clearly grasped; if follow-up Combining image recognition can better realize forest fire prevention.


In addition to finished radio stations, Ebyte's LoRa modules (such as E22-C series) and NB modules (such as EA01 series) can also be used; design and integrate by yourself; realize more suitable application methods.

The combination of sensors, wireless data transmission equipment, and central control platform can not only prevent forest fires, but also apply to more application scenarios, such as smart cities, smart agriculture, smart industry, etc.; learn more about specific application solutions And design can visit the official website of Ebyte.

Feature display

Long transmission distance: E90-DTU (400SL44) products adopt a new generation of lora spread spectrum technology and up to 25W power, and the transmission distance can reach more than 40KM;

Data is more stable: Based on the new LoRa spread spectrum technology, not only the transmission distance is greatly increased, but the anti-interference ability is more than doubled, ensuring the stability of the data.