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Chengdu Ebyte "Into the Great Liangshan" student charity activity.

On April 9th,2016, Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. held the public benefitactivity called “Into Daliang Mountains” aiming to help the students there. Ourfleet went with the Caring Backpack team and arrived at the remote BaluoVillage of Ganluo County, Liangshang Prefecture, we brought to the kids kindsof supplies and artist shows.

As poverty, drugs, drop out and such social problems make inroads on children’s growth, we havestarted to take action in order to help them get education and have betterlife.

It was a verystony and steep mountain road from Ganluo County to Baluo Village, which remindedus the saying “walking on Sichuan roads is as hard as going to heaven”.However, the landscapes along the road were very beautiful with blue sky, whiteclouds and high mountains.


On the road, I met a child with a bouquet of flowers. He waved his little fleshy hand to signal our car to go first. He has been standing by the side of the road and waiting. It is really cute.

The lunch at noon and the big chunks of meat made us feel the enthusiasm of the villagers and the simple folk customs.

Clean up the venue and prepare to bring the children a cultural performance by the folk orchestra.

When it rains, everyone's enthusiasm can't be resisted.

From the eyes of children, we can see their desire for knowledge, curiosity and fantasy beyond the mountain, we need to use actions to interpret love, and we hope that they will grow up happily and gain more knowledge.

Distribute student materials, repair tables, chairs and benches, thank people from all walks of life for their donations and the township government' s strong support.

 The children who got the new schoolbags are playing happily. Everyone has a childhood that is worth remembering. I hope that the children in the deep mountains will also have a good childhood.