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Ebyte Sponsors ITU Project with Rocket Payload Device

1. Project Application

Recently, Ebyte reached an agreement with Istanbul Technical University(ITU) in Turkey. Ebyte sponsored ITU project team ROTECK with several modules and antennas fortheir rocket project. We also provided technical assistance for the moduletest. Theteam is making rocket which will reach 3km altitude. It is carrying a payload.Payload is scientific. It creates rain and other payload can senddata(temperature,pressure,altitude) to their ground stating. They are using ourmodules to take data from payload also rocket. The project requires deviceswith excellent quality and strict standard for application, after comparingwith many suppliers, ITU finally decided to cooperate with Ebyte!


2. TeamBackground

IstanbulTechnical University(ITU) was founded in 1773, one of the earliest scienceuniversity in the world; There are four main campus including six schools andthirteen departments. With 25000 students and 2200 staff members (430professors), ITU is the most famous science university in Turkey. Advanced andprofessional knowledge are provided to the students as one of the mostimportant education institution. Many R&D project on science andengineering take lead and ITU also cooperates and maintains a good relationwith local government

Umit who is from ITU with his teamattended REC competition in USA last year. Now they have formed a new team—ROTEKRocket Technologies Club for the current project.


3.Project detail

Umit with the ROTEKteam tested E46 modules before flight.E51 devices will send status of rocket to ourground station from rocket. All systems can control with rf devices.Testis made from 2km distance. They only lost %1 of data. The results amazed ROTEK team. Umit described thisproject “I mentioned you ourcompetition challenge, our other working area is bigger than all. Our destinationis reaching to space. ”


4. project result

Thisproject went very smoothly, no only did they won first in competition duringwhich they successfully collected data transmitted form the rocket;The team haslong been cooperated with many other famous enterprises,with products coveringa lot of fields;Ebyte believes that Umit and his team will make excellentachievement on the rocket payload project thus Ebyte will continue to supportthis creative team. Hope that by working together both Ebyte and ITU projectwill reach more goals in the future.


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