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  • Using the default parameters, the demand is more than 4km, the customer has 12 modules with 5V power supply, open suburbs, and the power output is rated at 2A. The transmitter is a suction cup antenna, and the receiver is a glue stick antenna, 1.5-2 meters from the ground. The maximum power supply ripple is ±15mv. Multiple environmental tests, all of which do not exceed 2km, are all in this situation. Please help analyze how to improve the distance. Is there anything else that needs attention

    If there is no adsorption, adsorption is recommended; there are two options:

    1. Replace the antenna of the transmitting end with TX433-XPH-300,

     2. Try replacing the antenna of the receiving end with TX433-JK-20, and at the same time, the suction cup is adsorbed on the iron sheet.

    Mar   30 / 2023 1888 1500
  • E05-MLE132AP2 has a signal when the programmer is connected, but there is no signal if the programmer is not connected. What is the reason?

    The problem caused by the short circuit of P0.3 (TXD) and PROG pin; please contact the technical staff for detailed solutions.

    Dec   30 / 2021 40 1514