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  • 1. Whether it supports one master and multiple slaves; 2. To transmit data to the module through the serial port, is there any requirement for the data length of one transmission, if not, is there any requirement for the sending interval of each data packet? 3. When the Bluetooth module is in the transparent transmission mode and the baud rate is 19200, send data to the Bluetooth module through the serial port, and communicate between the two Bluetooth modules, under what circumstances will packet loss occur?

    BT02 does not support one master and multiple slaves. E74 can send BT02 slaves to the master. The serial port baud rate of 19200 and below can support continuous transmission. At this time, users can send data with any packet length at any time. The master sends to the slave, preferably no more than 20 bytes at a time.

    Mar   17 / 2023 1931 1544
  • Is the E72 programming program downloaded using the serial port or JATG?

    The tool we use is XDS100V3.0 JTAG interface.

    Mar   17 / 2023 1888 1500
  • What is the driving capacity of each I/O of E18-MS1PA2-IPX in mA?

    Around 50mA

    Dec   30 / 2021 1896 1513