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  • Will the 2.4g wireless module and Bluetooth module interfere with each other?

    2.4 wireless module is a short-range wireless radio frequency module that applies 2.4g wireless technology. Since the frequency band is between 2.400GHz~2.4835GHz, it is referred to as 2.4G wireless module. The 2.4g frequency band is a globally common ISM (i.e. industrial, scientific, medical) frequency band and has great market prospects.
    Both the Bluetooth module and the 2.4g wireless module work in the 2.4G frequency band; if they are in close contact, will they cause interference?

    The answer is, absolutely. And the impact is not small, especially in cities, where there are 2.4g or Bluetooth wireless networks everywhere, such as common monitoring, indoor environments, etc. Bluetooth modules and 2.4g wireless modules are inherently short-range modules. If the two wireless modules are in close contact, the transmission distance may become shorter, and even affect normal communication.

    If we find that the Bluetooth module and the 2.4g wireless module interfere with each other in practical applications, the best way is to stagger the frequency. To put it simply, switch to a frequency that is not interfered with. For example: If the interference at the 2.4000GHz frequency is severe and normal communication is impossible or the distance is very short, we can switch to the 2.4835GHZ frequency. Anyway, any frequency in the 2.4g band is acceptable.

    Nov   16 / 2023 1898 1500
  • E104-BT01 module gets severely hot during use, and then it cannot be used. Why?

    Please determine how many volts is the power supply? Are the antennas matched?

    If there is no problem with the above, please contact customer service

    Dec   30 / 2021 1913 1516