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  • 1. Whether it supports one master and multiple slaves; 2. To transmit data to the module through the serial port, is there any requirement for the data length of one transmission, if not, is there any requirement for the sending interval of each data packet? 3. When the Bluetooth module is in the transparent transmission mode and the baud rate is 19200, send data to the Bluetooth module through the serial port, and communicate between the two Bluetooth modules, under what circumstances will packet loss occur?

    BT02 does not support one master and multiple slaves. E74 can send BT02 slaves to the master. The serial port baud rate of 19200 and below can support continuous transmission. At this time, users can send data with any packet length at any time. The master sends to the slave, preferably no more than 20 bytes at a time.

    Mar   17 / 2023 2335 1815
  • Using the default parameters, the demand is more than 4km, the customer has 12 modules with 5V power supply, open suburbs, and the power output is rated at 2A. The transmitter is a suction cup antenna, and the receiver is a glue stick antenna, 1.5-2 meters from the ground. The maximum power supply ripple is ±15mv. Multiple environmental tests, all of which do not exceed 2km, are all in this situation. Please help analyze how to improve the distance. Is there anything else that needs attention

    If there is no adsorption, adsorption is recommended; there are two options:

    1. Replace the antenna of the transmitting end with TX433-XPH-300,

     2. Try replacing the antenna of the receiving end with TX433-JK-20, and at the same time, the suction cup is adsorbed on the iron sheet.

    Mar   30 / 2023 2173 1770
  • Is the E72 programming program downloaded using the serial port or JATG?

    The tool we use is XDS100V3.0 JTAG interface.

    Mar   17 / 2023 1904 1504
  • The M0 and M1 of E32-400T20S are both high level, and the parameters cannot be configured. Why?

    Please re-power on and test it with the latest version of the parameter configuration software.

    Sep   07 / 2021 113 1521
  • E05-MLE132AP2 has a signal when the programmer is connected, but there is no signal if the programmer is not connected. What is the reason?

    The problem caused by the short circuit of P0.3 (TXD) and PROG pin; please contact the technical staff for detailed solutions.

    Dec   30 / 2021 50 1518
  • E103-W01 is soldered and plugged into the computer and it doesn’t light up. Why?

    Check if the jumper cap is connected correctly.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1917 1510
  • E104-BT01 module gets severely hot during use, and then it cannot be used. Why?

    Please determine how many volts is the power supply? Are the antennas matched?

    If there is no problem with the above, please contact customer service

    Dec   30 / 2021 1908 1516
  • What is the driving capacity of each I/O of E18-MS1PA2-IPX in mA?

    Around 50mA

    Dec   30 / 2021 1908 1517
  • E840-DTU(GPRS-01) What module is used in this DTU, is it YBT-G01? Is there YBT-G02?

    No, we don't provide specific chip models for the time being.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1905 1508