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  • The M0 and M1 of E32-400T20S are both high level, and the parameters cannot be configured. Why?

    Please re-power on and test it with the latest version of the parameter configuration software.

    Sep   07 / 2021 83 1517
  • E05-MLE132AP2 has a signal when the programmer is connected, but there is no signal if the programmer is not connected. What is the reason?

    The problem caused by the short circuit of P0.3 (TXD) and PROG pin; please contact the technical staff for detailed solutions.

    Dec   30 / 2021 40 1514
  • E103-W01 is soldered and plugged into the computer and it doesn’t light up. Why?

    Check if the jumper cap is connected correctly.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1909 1506
  • E104-BT01 module gets severely hot during use, and then it cannot be used. Why?

    Please determine how many volts is the power supply? Are the antennas matched?

    If there is no problem with the above, please contact customer service

    Dec   30 / 2021 1898 1512
  • What is the driving capacity of each I/O of E18-MS1PA2-IPX in mA?

    Around 50mA

    Dec   30 / 2021 1895 1513
  • E840-DTU(GPRS-01) What module is used in this DTU, is it YBT-G01? Is there YBT-G02?

    No, we don't provide specific chip models for the time being.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1892 1504
  • Can the E810-DTU module be connected to the Ethernet port for LAN communication?

    It can.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1893 1500
  • Can the SX1278 chip of E32-433T30D be controlled by msp430 microcontroller?

    Yes, but we have a single-chip microcomputer inside the serial port module.

    Dec   30 / 2021 1899 1500